Hi! I make stuff.

(Usually with my hands. Sometimes with pixels and bits.)




At present...

I stand by my claim that I have the best job in the world (but my colleagues all think the same thing)

October 2014 - now

Lecturer, M.E. Design Group

Stanford University

I manage a student prototyping lab (Room 36) as part of Stanford's Product Realization Lab. Students of all majors and degree levels come to the lab to build an impressive array of projects, ranging from the personal and silly to the research-based and technical. My job is to keep the students happy (and safe!) and help with design and manufacturing issues that inevitably arise during the prototyping process. It's messy and hard and wonderful.

In a past life...

I was a do-er of various things at various places. Product management, coding, graphic design, physical prototyping, brainstorm-leading, client relationship management, user research, UI design, curriculum development... Yes, I was one of those Silicon Valley Swiss Army Knife startuppy type people. Something needs doin'? Do it.

2013 - 2014

UX Engineer



Designer/Front-End Engineer


2008 - 2009

Designer in Residence & Lecturer

Stanford d.school


Project Manager


Creating the Klutz Book of Inventions required generating thousands and sketching hundreds of ideas for inventions.

And even before then...

MS Mechanical Engineering '08
BS Biomechanical Engineering '06

Stanford University

It was the end of 2004 when I stumbled upon the PRL, and the rest is history.